Five Reflections from the Story of Ruth

New Hope Church has enjoyed a rich season tracking through the Old Testament book called “Ruth.” It is the beautiful, dramatic, and yet simple story of two widows seeking to find their way past hopelessness, despair, and grief. If you have not done so, let me urge you to read the Book of Ruth, and listen to the eight messages […]

The Anointed King

Just as Genesis 1 sets the tone for all of the Old Testament, so Matthew 1 sets the tone for the entire new covenant given to mankind. In Matthew 1:1 our Lord Jesus is introduced to us as the God who Saves (that is what “Jesus” means), God’s anointed one (that is what “Christ” means), the promised King (that is […]

Old Guys Rule: Naomi and the Balm that Heals Bitterness

The next stop in our series “Old Guys Rule” takes us to a precious older woman named Naomi. Her story is the story of many of us: an uneasy life made so because of the multiple traumas of death and destitution. By the end of the Book of Ruth—the Old Testament book that tells her story—she seems to be a […]