Ten Things I Learn When I Listen to God

There are those convictions that come along reminding me that I spend an awful lot of time talking to the Lord, but very little real time just listening. Reflecting on this sad reality brings to my mind the words of Isaiah 29:13, wherein the Lord says, “this people draw[s] near with their mouth and honor[s] READ MORE

The Sower and the Soils

With the turn of the page the reader of Mark’s gospel turns from a captivating introduction to Jesus’ remarkable life, toward a more narrow focus on a ministry that revolutionizes the world, but not easily, not comfortably, and not without serious conflict. Chapter four of Mark’s gospel is an important pivot point, one that begs READ MORE

We Must Speak or We Will Die!

Like a sputtering engine begging to get into high gear is the man or woman who must respond to another before giving that person a full hearing. In Proverbs 18:13, Solomon offers a rather straightforward word about this kind of person. It states, If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly READ MORE

What Are You Doing Here, God?

Like many of us Jacob was running hard from one place to another. Never mind the thing from which he was running . . . or even where he was going. Who of us can really ever keep up with all the reasons for a fast pace (think carpool, soccer games, trips to Grandma’s, business READ MORE