Reflections Upon One’s Assignment

Joshua 12 presents a stark contrast between two great men, Moses and Joshua, and their successes in the field of battle. Moses, it is recounted here, defeated two kings: Sihon, king of the Amorites; and Og, king of Bashan. Joshua, however, defeated “in all, thirty-one kings” (v. 24). At first glance it would appear that Joshua was the most successful […]

Fresh Wind for Tattered Sails

Too many pastoral leaders are isolated, ground-down by the rough chisel of people’s warped expectations, and filled with worry that they really are not making any meaningful difference. I should know. I have been there. The fact is, it is one of the devil’s most familiar tactical approaches with pastors and their families. So when an opportunity comes along to […]

The Church in Good Hands

The past few days I’ve been suffering for Jesus in Carlsbad, California, attending to two critical features of my yearly schedule. One is a personal retreat; a time for prayer and reflection and dreaming and rest. This is something that the leadership at Bethel Church sees as very important; time that we want all of our ministry staff to carve […]

Excitement for 2010 Global Leadership Summit

I’m totally pumped about the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit being hosted here at Bethel Church August 5-6, 2010. Tony Dungy, Jim Collins, Jack Welch, Andy Stanley, and many other world-class leaders will be speaking into the elevation of excellent leadership in a culture that is desperate for authentic and quality leaders. You’ve absolutely GOT TO COME to this two-day […]

Spiritual Leadership Defined

In my role as a pastor I am sometimes asked what, exactly, is spiritual leadership. Typically I will answer such a question with a question of my own (which is a common tactic I employ that greatly irritates my beautiful Christa). My question back will be something along the lines of, “Well, what would you say?” And the answers that […]


If by chance you’re one who expects that real leaders must be so overt, then reflect on what is being said. And the moment you wish to challenge the notion that a leader’s fingerprints are much less important than his or her footprints, please pause and introduce yourself again to a godly sage like Jethro, or a prophet like Gad, or a host of others whose behind the scenes influences are transforming God’s Kingdom.