“Walk By the Spirit!”

As the Apostle Paul brings closure to his thoughts regarding love being supreme over and above the fleshly extremes of license and law, he raises a tension regarding how to ensure this love will prevail. Galatians 5:16 and following resolve this tension with profound clarity, and the resolution is the antithesis of self-effort. “Walk by the Spirit,” the apostle pens, […]

Four Needs for Moving Toward Jesus

John 15:8 offers a succinct word about the legitimacy of discipleship. Jesus says, “By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit and so prove to be my disciples.” But what is the fruit of discipleship—the fruit of which Jesus speaks? Is it having all kinds of knowledge about spiritual and/or theological things? Is it adding knots to […]

Witness . . . to the World

Forty days had passed since the Lord Jesus rose from the dead and walked out of a borrowed tomb into the bright morning sunshine of Jerusalem. Now the time had come for him to return to his Father—his return commonly known as the Ascension. Being that Jesus would be returning to Heaven, physically departing from his disciples, it seems reasonable […]

I Can’t Resist

Standing before the great and mighty Sanhedrin was a meek man of very bold stature. Called Stephen, this enthusiastic spokesman for the gospel set out in vivid detail the history of God’s gracious and patient interaction with the oft-obstinate people of Israel. Let us absorb together the concluding challenge of his message, as recorded in Acts 7:51: You stiff-necked people, […]

Moving Beyond Election Day

A number of folk from places far and wide are asking me about the election results. There are a handful of things that readily come to my mind that I would like to pass along. These are very important, I think, particularly as we disciples move forward from here. First, regardless of which “side” we have been on politically, we […]

Three Truths as I Stare at My Ballot

My mail-in ballot for the 2016 election is resting on the desk in front of me. It has been sitting there for about four days while I have fretted and prayed and prayed and fretted over what to do. Today I find my eyes misty, with grief over our national drama pushing the tears forward. If I may be very […]