The Light of the World

Our world can be very dark. Children will go for generations in many corners of our planet without clean water. Mildly successful businessmen will trade their accomplishments in for alcoholism. On this very night too many women in our own community will wonder—even if for a moment—if they truly get their husbands’ fullest affections. There are in our midst teenage […]

Hope Beyond the Rubble

September 11, 2001, is a day that forever changed the shape of America. Like you, I will never forget it. Early that morning I had gone riding horses with a good friend, surveying the many things he was doing to develop his newly acquired ranch. Because I knew much of our morning would find us tucked deeply into an array […]

A Prayer for America

Father, It is the National Day of Prayer. Millions of us Americans will be crying out to you. We should do this everyday, however. Forgive me for failing to consider that. As you look upon us you must be pleased. We are no doubt a special people. Your hand of mercy has been upon us for centuries now. We don’t […]