Warriors, to be Reckoned With

Unless the Lord returns and takes us to Heaven, this coming Sunday at Bethel Church we will run headlong into a brief but important sermon series entitled, Warrior: A Study of Biblical Womanhood. This journey will take all of us—men and women—through the Scriptures’ winding roads, where we will make meaningful stops in places like READ MORE

Reflections on Homosexuality

While a student at Dallas Seminary a good friend of mine and I went to an IHOP to study for a Hebrew exam. My friend seemed unusually anxious, tender and, admittedly, a bit awkward. At some point during the evening I finally asked him if he was okay. He looked around cautiously, then in a READ MORE

The Preacher’s Scrap Pile: Seven Days in John 1

With both Genesis and the Gospel of John starting out with the words “In the beginning . . .”, the reader ought to expected other similarities of significance. One such parallel relates to timing. Of course Genesis 1 and 2 unfold for us the six days of creation plus the additional day of rest. During READ MORE