Reflections on the American Church and Global Ministry

At a global ministry conference in Beirut, Lebanon, I was asked to share my reflections on the state of the American church and the implications of my observations for global ministry. Here is a survey of what I shared: First, evangelicalism, which is a rich theological construct, has been co-opted by American politics and is now perceived as a political […]

Advent in Action: Making a Difference One Drink at a Time

Advent in Action is here! Once again the family of Bethel Church is choosing to celebrate Christmas by spending less and giving more. The United States spends an estimated $130,000,000,000.00 a year each Christmas. What we are choosing to do is to buy one less present and take that money and redirect it toward a life-change opportunity. Specifically, Bethel Church is […]

Reflections on Homosexuality

While a student at Dallas Seminary a good friend of mine and I went to an IHOP to study for a Hebrew exam. My friend seemed unusually anxious, tender and, admittedly, a bit awkward. At some point during the evening I finally asked him if he was okay. He looked around cautiously, then in a whisper said to me, “I […]

How I Go to Worship

I wear on my wrist a little black band that says One With Them. It’s in the shape of barbed wire, and evokes the tragic image of Christians imprisoned the world-over for their faith in Jesus Christ. It reminds me to pray for them. It reminds me to remember them. It reminds me to not take for granted the unbelievable […]