Some Things Just Have To Be Done


There are those things that just have to be done sometimes. Even if it’s uncomfortable. Even if it provokes some blowback. Even if there are a million other things one would rather do; things more appealing; even more interesting.

So it is we at Bethel Church have experienced a brief but important sermon series entitled, “Lies the Church Believes.” Throughout much of August we have explored the lie telling us that the prosperity gospel is legitimate. We’ve come to discover, much to our dismay, that so much of the thinking behind the prosperity gospel so valiantly preached by the likes of Osteen and Copeland and Hinn is ancient gnosticism. Who would of thought?

We have also explored the lie which tells us that unity is more important than theology. “Can’t we all just get along?” we want to shout. And sure, getting along is fine–indeed, preferred. But not at the expense of doctrinal integrity. There are in fact some things worth fighting for.

And dying for.

Our attention was then turned to the deception that tells us that tradition is more important than the mission of the church. Contrary to the common law of too many congregations, wherein traditionalism rules the day and our calling before the Most High God must yield to mantras like, “Well, we’ve never done it that way before!”, we are on a mission that requires unwavering commitment. The time is short and the needs are great, and zillions of men and women are going straight to hell for lack of belief in Christ. And we want to argue about pictures on a wall.

And, of course, the final lie to which we gave our attention was the one telling us that tolerance is more important than righteousness. This, inevitably, requires some acknowledgment of the fact that too many denominations today are allowing what I call a cult of tolerance to invade their midst. So it is that homosexuals are being ordained as pastors and priests, abortion on demand continues to be encouraged, and clergy sexual abuse remains rampant. And all in the name of, well, tolerance. Surprisingly, we’ve come to understand that this reflects a template found in ancient Israel, when a queen named Jezebel brought the worship of a Canaanite god named Baal into land. The axis of evil–homosexuality, child sacrifice, and molestation of minors–defined the worship of Baal. No small wonder we hear Jesus chastising the church of Thyatira in Revelation 2 for its willingness to host “Jezebel” and all of her sexual sins. To quote Solomon: there is nothing new under the sun.

And, yes, sometimes churches just need to say these things. Some things just have to be done sometimes.

Even if it’s uncomfortable.

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      I hope you don’t mind me jumping in here, but I just noticed that Pastor Matthew had a typo in the link he posted to his message. Here’s the message he was pointing to:

      I think Pastor Matthew addressed many of your concerns in his message; if you can spare 45 minutes to listen to it, I think you’ll understand where he is coming from more fully.


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      HI Pastor Matthew,

      I left you an additional reply yesterday and am sending you my blog. I could not connect with your message from the link you suggested. You may try writing your blogs on It’s easy to create and people can find your messages much easier.

      Here’s the link to my blog:

      Thank you,


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      Dear Pastor Matthew,

      I tried to connect that link but I couldn’t find your message.

      Sir, I believe you’ve reached me too late on the “prosperity message.” Prosperity is all throughout the Bible from the patriarchs to the apostles. I think you are splitting hairs and causing division amongst the brethren. Again, my question to you is does God not want us to be prosperous. Here are a few scripture from the top of my head.
      “for the Lord takes pleasure in the PROSPERITY of His servant…beloved, I pray above all things that you PROSPER and be in health, even as your soul propers. With all due respect sir, I recommend that you preach the gospel, rather than preaching against prosperity teacher. God not only wants us to prosper but he wants us to be RICH. I have not problem with these men preaching prosperity. This was part of the atoning work of Lord Jesus Christ. Check out your Greek on the word “salvation” you will find that includes more than forgiveness of sins.

      In any event, you’re still my brother and if you wish to be divisive, you will have to answer to Lord Jesus about that.

      Thank you,


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      Susan . . .

      Thanks for your note. I don’t know if you have listened to the sermon relating to the prosperity gospel. It can be found under Media at Nonetheless, it does in fact highlight not only what these prosperity advocates say but the biblical concepts that demonstrate the flaws in their teaching. In fact, most of those advocates are willing to state up-front that they do, in fact, preach the prosperity gospel.


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      Pastor Matthew,

      May I ask a favor of you? Instead of preaching against Hinn, Osteen and Copeland why don’t you listen to their messages. They don’t preach the prosperity gospel. So are you telling me that you preach and tell people that they should be poor. Well why don’t you send me your paycheck and then you can be really poor. Get a reality check sir. You are creating division in the church and speaking of holding fast to doctrine and truth why don’t you take a look at Galatians where it talks about the works of the flesh. Factions and sects. That’s what you’re creating sir! Now please, hold you’re tongue before you know what you’re talking about and maybe just maybe listen to their messages or at least give some proofs from them that they are going against Biblical doctrine. I’m tired of this junk!

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