Launching Daniel


Beginning the first weekend in January of 2011 all of us at Bethel Church will be diving right into the book of Daniel, in a study entitled, “Memoirs of an Ancient Prophet.” Our purpose will be to come to terms with God’s perspective on many of the things we see unfolding in time and space as we know it today. Why is it, for instance, that Israel remains the central focus of so much of the world today? Why do we see a European Union that is growing in strength, and why is it that Iran continues to be a seedbed of hatred and discord throughout the region of the world in which it finds itself?

And, how can you and I live in light of the things to come? These and more are what we will be breaking open weekend after weekend throughout much of the winter and early spring of 2011. If you think about, pray for me as I help everyone who listens to step into these things. And pray that through it all the Lord Jesus will be exalted.

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