Does This Describe Me?


Isaiah’s glimpse at millennial bliss allows one to read up on what are God’s timeless priorities. “Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool,” the Lord says in Isaiah 66:1. And in verse 2 the Lord offers, “All these things my hand has made.” Yet, as impressive as that is for God and for you and me, the last part of verse 2 focuses on the thing (or, more accurately—one) that most delights the Almighty. It reads:

But this is the one to whom I will look:

He who is humble and contrite in spirit

And trembles at my word.

Creation is no doubt captivating to our Father. He must take immeasurable pleasure in what He has brought about. And yet it is not as enthralling as the human heart yielding itself to Him. This He loves supremely!

In the empty space right next to this verse I have penciled in a profound question: “Does this describe me?” How about you honestly ask yourself that question. Are you humble and contrite in spirit? Do you offer to the eternal God a heart that is yielded in love and reverence? Are you sincerely aware of the depth of your need for Him?

The key, of course, to the humility and the contrition, is found in the relationship you have with the Word of God. Relating to the Almighty with obedience, humility and inner-beauty will always be in proportion to our willingness to reverence the authoritative Word that helps us know Him and ourselves. When did you last tremble at His word?

As you and I continue onward in this very busy fall, let me make a strong suggestion. Be a man or woman of the word. Let God feed you with the meat that is the Scriptures. Do whatever it takes—whatever—to feast upon it regularly. Leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of understanding Him who makes your life worth living. The Scriptures unfold a transforming adventure worthy of your investment of time and energy. Tremble at it!

And a sure sign of whether or not you are trembling is if humility and contrition define you. If they don’t, then you have some work to do before the Lord. If it does, keep it up. After all, He is delighting in you!

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