A Gift from the Heart

Six days of silence must have left Moses ready to hear something—anything—from the LORD. Having been summoned by God to the top of Mt. Sinai, Moses expected some kind of interaction. But silence? Yet, Exodus 24 implies that for six days Moses—while shrouded by God’s glory—awaited God’s verbal initiative. Finally, “on the seventh day the LORD called to Moses from […]

Doing the Ignoble Thing

Elijah had invited the prophets of Baal to join him in building two altars. They were to see which altar would be set afire by the ones they each worshipped—Baal, or the Holy God of Israel. Baal was not responding, an indication of his falsehood. Note how Elijah prepared for God’s anticipated response. Elijah took twelve stones (18:31). With these […]

Rummaging Thru the God Box

Though we are now a few weeks beyond that date in which we arrived so enthusiastically in Fargo, North Dakota, we still have a plethora of boxes filling our garage like one of those obscure government warehouses in the Indiana Jones movies. Floor to ceiling, front to back . . . boxes are everywhere. What we need to do is […]

Taking Note of the Little Things

Endless are the times when the cares of the heart are many. That is why one helpful encouragement, found in Psalm 94:19, is so worthy of your attention. Read it carefully: When the cares of my heart are many, Your consolations cheer my soul. Webster tells us that “consolation” has to do with comfort in the midst of grief or […]

“He Will Act”

With the lazy days of summer slowly slipping away, and the rush of a busy fall looming, one question pesters the mind: Are you ready? Some of you are preparing to head toward college. Some of you are determining just how to give special care to a needy loved one. Others are discerning how to spend precious dollars in an […]

Yet Again I Cried

Someone told me yesterday that I was perceived as “a man’s man,” whatever that means. I want very much to believe that it is a compliment worth holding to my heart like some soldier who bears a brilliant medal for courage under fire. After all . . . what man worth his salt would not want to be known as, […]