A Simple Practice for the New Year


I got the kindest email yesterday from a woman deeply grateful for how God is using our church family to change her life. She also asked me for some counsel on how to draw closer to the Lord during these next few days that she has off from work. Wonderful question! Here is my response. Perhaps it can encourage you, too!

Thanks for asking! I’m grateful that our church is a special place and people for you!

Those things you mentioned can be really good. For instance, even this morning I have been listening to worship music.

Beyond that, something proving helpful to me is meditating on a simple word or phrase from the Scriptures. Particularly, right now, I am focusing on Psalm 119:94a, which simply reads, “I am yours….”

I keep praying through that phrase, affirming the lordship of God in my life, his ownership of me and all my moments, the idea that my identity is wrapped up in whom he is, I can rest with him, trust him, and so forth. I will likely meditate on this phrase and all it may mean for my life for several days. Then, I will read further, in this case, in Psalm 119, until I come across another provocative phrase and do the same thing for a period of time.

I hope that helps. I’d love to know how God encourages your spirit during these days ahead. I’m praying for you!

Just maybe this will prove beneficial for you as you step into the new year that is upon us. As I said to this dear lady, “I hope that helps.”